Data, Research and Analysis that Engages with Rural

We bring data and expert analysis at the intersection of opportunity and deprivation in rural India

Intention is to support stakeholders navigate the increasingly opaque, complex and uncertain environment, to analyse social and economic developments, forecast trends, and better understand development programmes and practices, providing actional insight to improve efficacy and effectiveness.

As TRIF’s work expands particularly the Public Policy in Action, it will be critical to inform and galvanise to have a full understanding of the issues and opportunities. Concise, intelligent, and data on well accepted impact metrics will help communicate and mobilise support. A data warehouse accessible to all – for data journalism, data-analysis and policy inputs, inputs to better design of programs by CSOs, etc., this will require continuous investments in synergizing data to draw insights, bespoke evidence generation strategies and placing these inputs as policy brief and through other existing channels to decisions-making platforms. Hope is establishment of the unit will become hub for data and data and evidence-based Decision Support System by building collaboration with other like-minded institutions. DIU will be like a ‘think tank’ and ‘facts tank’ engaged in building and disseminating seminal knowledge and insights about Rural India’s Macro and Micro Economy and Locality & Neighbourhood Development, for use in formulating public policy and in shaping development strategy. These could include thin round surveys on emerging issues, data integration and analytics, using mixed methods research to utilize qualitative and quantitative data to fine-tune / redesign programs focused on Rural India. While the mixed methods research will be applied to directly augment or improve existing programs, collaborative research projects with academic institutions and conducting seminars, conferences.