Trif / Team Profile

TRIF Leadership Team

Our leadership team has worked actively at the grassroots level for more than two decades and we understand the range of challenges that India’s rural poor face. Our ideas for change are based on methods that have been tested and proven to be useful in helping the poor access opportunities to lead better lives.

Anish Kumar

Anish is part of the Management Leadership at Transforming  Rural India Foundation. Prior to this he was on the leadership team at India’s leading non-profit PRADAN, working on rural transformation.

Anish oversaw overall organization strategy and institution-building. He integrated the finance function, involving raising resources, statutory compliance, and building and managing linkages with stakeholders.

His areas of expertise include creating business organizations run by poor communities and facilitating participation of small-holder farmers in modern value chains. Anish developed and piloted the small-holder poultry prototype; was the CEO of the first poultry co-operative; and then scaled up the model across new geographies. He is a Board member of the National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust, an advisory and policy advocacy body.

Anish has been a member of the government think-tank’s Working Group on disadvantaged farmers, and has been involved in designing policies on producer collectives.

Anish has a postgraduate degree in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal.

Anirban Ghose

He is part of the Management Leadership at Transforming Rural India Foundation. Prior to setting up TRIF, he was on the leadership team at India’s leading non-profit PRADAN, working on rural transformation.

Anirban led the field-based teams in Jharkhand, which is considered a backward state. He was responsible for integration of all activities across the organization, involving planning and implementation of programs, monitoring progress, setting systems, design of strategies, staff development and managing key grants. His role included raising funds and building linkages with multiple stakeholders. He was responsible for institution building and positioning PRADAN with stake-holders as one of India’s vaulted NGO’s.

Anirban is recognized as the pioneer of automated book-keeping systems in women’s Self Help Groups and transformational technology for development programmes.

Anirban graduated in Business Studies from University of Delhi.