Enable Transform Rural India Foundation combat Covid-19 in 50 of the most backward districts of the country in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

TRIF has done a rapid assessment of requirements in these districts with local administration and our response teams on the ground. Our focus is on comprehensive support to communities including immediate humanitarian and relief support, getting villages prepared, equip frontline health workers and restoration of rural economy.

Our Approach : All Family, All Hamlet, All Village, All Gram Panchayat, All Health Facility

IMMEDIATE | Humanitarian

Food to vulnerable families : elderly, physically challenged, single women.  Ensuring basic essentials at isolation and quarantine facilities. Migrant tracking and support Community preparedness


Support frontline health workers through personal protective equipment, counselling, and mobility; facilitate screening and tests; mechanisms for general health support – maternity, disease


Facilitate access to services and entitlements announced by the government; support for farmers; wage works, support for livelihoods : upskilling, hyper-local closed loop enterprise


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kits) In District Hospitals/CHC/Quarantine Centers

(N95 masks, gloves, coverall, goggles, shoe cover, disposable bag & Hood) - INR 1,500/Kit (U$D 20/Kit)

Hygiene Kits for the frontline workers

(Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers, Hand Wash) - INR 500/Kit (U$D 7/Kit)

Grocery kit (for a week)

(Wheat/Rice, Pulses, Oil, Sugar, Salt) - INR 750/Family (U$D 10/Family

Agriculture Support kit

(Farm inputs for Kharif Crop) - INR 1500/Farmer (USD 20/farmer)

How are your donations being used #VillagesFightCorona

We have identified daily wage earners, agri-laborers and returnee migrants in distress through SHG collectives and Gram Panchayats. These are being supported through

  • Dry ration kit sufficient for a week
  • Community kitchens to supplement with cooked meals to vulnerable families
  • Supplement nutrition to food relief by government 

Through community institutions, we have identified migrant workers from MP who are stranded across the country. Our team is 
  • Contacting, counselling and connecting these migrant workers to network organizations and local administration for support and relief 
  • Supporting local administration in identification, screening and quarantine of migrant workers who have returned to villages 
  • Providing Food and essentials to returnee migrant workers.
Our team is also supporting migrant workers from Jharkhand who are stranded in different cities of MP to connect to the local organization and administration to avail relief facilities.

In coordination with public health administration, we are supporting by 

  • Providing PPE Kits to Hospitals and quarantine facilities
  • Equipping front-line health workers with protective gears 
  • Training and counselling 0f frontline workers on COVID-19 response

Awareness drive has been carried out in villages of MP and Jharkhand. 

  • Adhering to all safety and hygiene protocols, drives carried out on COVID symptoms, social distancing, hand washing practice, and precautionary measures 
  • Wall paintings, loud speaker vans. 
  • Translate precautionary measures in villages included making circles at public places, preparation of masks and hand sanitizers, providing masks and hand sanitizers 
  • Supporting community leaders and volunteers to engage in awareness drive
  • Capacity support to Gram Panchayats for de-stigmatization, detection, isolation, quarantine of migrant workers..

Our Target

Fully equip all villages, all villagers to mitigate and combat covid induced impact 

  • No one will go hungry
  • All will have access to entitlements
  • All farmers will be supported
  • All Front Line Health Workers will be equipped with protective gears
  • All information, counselling, mechanisms will be instituted in all villages for breaking transmission
  • Migrants tracked and provided comprehensive support
  • Comprehensive economic resilience support