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  • When communities take ownership, responsibility and
    change can be sustained.

  • When strong networks and platforms for partners and
    stakeholders are built through synergy and
    success beckons.

  • The focus of change has to be multi-pronged and
    To bring about lasting
    transformation in one dimension, all dimensions need
    to change.

The TRI Challenge

The national aspiration of Transforming India will remain unfulfilled without Transforming Rural India; the sheer numbers and the wide urban-rural opportunity divide leave a very large section of people unutilized and under-utilized. In spite of India’s high economic growth, the ground realities vis-a-vis quality education, health-care and good governance are unlikely to change unless urgent, concerted efforts are made. Therefore, it is imperative that the primary focus be on transforming rural India, in particular, the least-developed 1,00,000 villages.

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