Transforming Rural India from
Languishing Localities to Flourishing Communities


8 States

42 Districts

165 Blocks

2405 Gram Panchayats

20399 Villages

The Forgotten Potential of Stranded India

The bottom 100,000 underdeveloped villages in India are unable to break free from the cycle of poverty or to find better opportunities. Development efforts often fall short because of limited community involvement, fragmented approaches that overlook interconnected challenges and the lack of economically viable solutions for long-term sustainability.

Towards Village Vitality

Rural India needs a new approach to development that is sustainable and scalable.

Our philosophy is centered around creating development design solutions that are both locally relevant and scalable. We are guided by aspirations that come directly from the community to achieve tangible improvement and enduring dignity. We call this approach “Thoughtful Tarakki.”

Reimagining Development

Thus, TRI was born, with one single radiant vision – to transform opportunities for localities and communities at a systemic level for impact at scale. It required us to reimagine and redefine development as it is today.

Tarakki Blueprint

“Thoughtful Tarakki” is a transformative design solution with the purpose of fostering thriving, resilient and sustainable communities.

This tri-focal model is based on engaging the whole-of-society: the state, the market and communities. In practice it is a multi-disciplinary approach that addresses the critical dimensions of life: Health & Nutrition, Primary Education, Income Prosperity, Water & Sanitation, Local Governance and Gender Equality.

People for Development Design

We are a team of practitioners, strategists and specialists committed to transforming rural India.

Embedded within multi-sector government departments, our team collaborates with policymakers to plan and design rural development initiatives, while our practitioners operate at the grassroots level, piloting these ideas in blocks and districts. 

TRI’s annual reports provide comprehensive overviews of our initiatives and progress. These reports keep us accountable and guide us towards our North Star. We are grateful to our partners – donors, supporters and collaborators – for their invaluable support in turning our vision of transforming rural India into a tangible reality.

Together, we can transform rural India

Contribute towards driving transformation

Be a part of everyday progress

Lend your voice to create impact at scale.