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Trif / Knowledge Centre
Knowledge Centre

Production and public dissemination of the TRIF Knowledge Portal is supported by grant from Boston Consulting Group India.

Disclaimer: Materials available here are for use of Development Practitioners interested in transforming lives of rural communities. These have been developed and collated by Transforming Rural India Foundation based on their field experiences and contribution is acknowledged of rural communities, practitioners and development thinkers in the ideas, approaches, materials and insights used in preparation of the materials published here.

Concept & Perspective

1.1 TRI Theory of Change
1.2 Grassroots Engagement Strategy

Measuring Progress & Reporting

1.1 Results Framework
1.2 M & E Design

Partnerships For Compact Engagement

1.1 Location Readiness
1.2 Equipping to Facilitate Change
1.3 Multi-organisation Compact
1.4 Annual Action Plan
1.5 MIS

Enabling Ecosystem

Community Volunteering

1.1 Orientation
1.2 Training
1.3 Active Participation
1.4 Active Plan