Re-energising Public Education through Community Action

A field manual for adopting a community-centered multi-stakeholder approach to transform rural primary education

Community Action Lab (CAL)Primary Education

This document presents a detailed outline of the approach taken up by TRI to strengthen the process of improving primary education. Though this document focuses on education, these efforts are converged with effort other developmental areas too.

This manual can be seen as a guide book that highlights both: areas/ dimensions of work and strategies evolved by the TNGOs already working in the area.

Any effort interested in working towards transforming education and empowering and engaging Community can use a similar strategic framework but they yet need to develop their own plans keeping in view the areas/ dimensions of work. However, it could be for efficacy, important to cover the strategic 5 result pathways mentioned in the document but not necessary to take up the same or similar activities. The sector council, with its collective knowledge and experience of working in the sector of education, proves very helpful in evolving and reviewing these strategies.

This document intends to help existing partners and new partners in development of plan for different blocks. As mentioned above, even though the result areas remain the same, each block presents its own unique context and challenges. Thus, to locate the work in its immediate context, a new plan would have to be in place for each block, which would definitely be influenced by the learnings in other blocks, collective experience of sector council, and the ideas shared in this document.

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