State of School Education in Rural India


Education is a vital pillar of progress and empowerment, particularly in rural India, where nurturing young minds holds paramount importance. Understanding the state of education and the role parents play in their child’s learning journey is crucial for fostering positive educational outcomes. Education stands as a potent catalyst for progress and empowerment, transcending barriers and shaping the future of nations. In the vast expanse of rural India, nurturing young minds takes on paramount importance, as the transformative power of education holds the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and unlocking opportunities for generations to come. With this objective in mind, the Development Intelligence Unit (DIU), in collaboration between Transforming Rural India (TRI) and Sambodhi Research and Communications Pvt. Ltd, conducted a comprehensive survey. The survey was specifically focused on examining the impact of parental involvement on the education of school-going children in rural areas, seeking to shed light on the significant role they play in shaping their child’s educational journey. Through a meticulously designed survey, this study sought to shed light on the far- reaching influence parents wield in molding the educational destinies of their school-going children in rural areas.

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