Silence and reticence from society at large contribute to rural people having restricted opportunities for social mobility. And an unequal society will never bring true growth and dignity to a nation. Each one of us has a stake in building a more just society.

We seek to galvanise and catalyse compassion as a public good, drawing on the talent, resources and engagement of the better endowed to help the less privileged.

Data Intelligence Unit (DIU)

A joint initiative of TRI and Sambodhi, this initiative provides quality data and analytics to stimulate action among stakeholders in the development of rural India. A data-driven approach is essential to reduce opacity and empower both government and non-government actors to take on the complex process of transformational development in rural India.

Village Square

Village Square brings stories of rural change from an urban lens.The endeavor is to bridge the urban-rural chasm, challenge long-standing assumptions and social constructs of rural India, creating new norms. Creating an engaging narrative is important in “winning” on the issues that matter most to the marginalised. Village Square creates a societal narrative of vibrancy and compassion for the voices on the margins through the agency of young urban India – the future leaders of the country.


Led by André Nogueira, Leap empowers organizations to design thriving models with positive social and ecological outcomes. It aspires to bridge the gap between design thinking and everyday operations, helping leaders unlock the hidden potential within their networks to create value for all, paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Public Policy in Action Practice (PPiA)

The public policy in action practice is a two-year praxis program which combines academic study with real-world experience for development professionals. It focuses on working with public programs in rural India, placing the fellows directly within the public administration to gain practical experience while addressing real-world challenges and developing future leadership skills.