State of Health in Rural India

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The State of Health in Rural India Survey is an initiative aimed at comprehensively assessing the healthcare landscape in rural India. Conceived and executed by the Development Intelligence Unit (DIU), a collaborative venture between Transforming Rural India Foundation (TRI) and Sambodhi Research and Communications Private Limited, this pan- India survey endeavours to shed light on critical and contemporary aspects of the nation’s rural health system in. The survey was done telephonically, covering a total of 6,478 respondents covering 21 states and representing a diverse range of rural communities across India.

The survey seeks to provide evidence-based insights that can inform and guide policymakers, stakeholders, and healthcare professionals toward better healthcare planning and implementation. The primary focus of the study is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various dimensions of healthcare in rural India, encompassing both traditional and modern practices. One key aspect explored in the survey is the inclination towards traditional medicines and treatment methods, an opportunity for policymakers to mainstream AYUSH practices into the existing healthcare system, leveraging the potential of traditional medicine to enhance overall healthcare outcomes.

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