TRI | India Rural Colloquy 2023

About the Colloquy

What’s India’s $1 trillion-dollar economy?
Rural India.

India is an overwhelmingly rural society with the highest rural population among the world’s largest and richest countries. And with a staggering $1 trillion dollar economy – well over more many “urbane,” developed countries, like Switzerland and Denmark – the question is, are we on the cusp of a rural renaissance in India? This year India became the most populous country on Earth with the fifth largest economy and the fastest growing dollar-millionaires – but India still has unacceptably high rural poverty and inequality.

Yet tech leadership, bustling young talent, adequate food stock, national confidence and growing development spend with an enviable welfare-delivery architecture pitches India towards a rural renaissance.

Time for actionable conversations

So has the time come for inclusive and differential growth, for a democratic, ecological, bottom-up Bharat? With thought, discussion, design thinking, compassion, action and reaction, at this year’s Indian Rural Colloquy (IRC) we ask: is rural India is on the brink of a renaissance?

At the 2023 Rural Renaissance IRC we will have a panoply of topical seminars between August 1-8 with leading development practitioners, policy makers, development administrators and philanthropies on issues that matter to rural communities.

Resonating with history

The IRC, which we ran August 1-8 in 2021 and 2022, is also a tribute to the Quit India Movement week. That was when India, under the stranglehold of British colonial rule, decided it would rise up in a peaceful movement and force the British to quit their rule of India.

This monumental week echoes our quest in gaining dignity for all – our desire to ensure everyone, even the most marginalized, is free to access equal opportunities, so we may all become better versions of ourselves.

Be part of the discussion and part of the change!