TRI | India Rural Colloquy 2023

Dilli Haat Concert + Book Launch

Source: The News Agency
Transforming Rural India Foundation’s (TRIF) first one week long India Rural Colloquy rolls out on Zoom on Sunday evening. The sessions commencing from August 1st will wrap up on August 8th. TRIF supports NGOs working at the grassroots, works with governments, develops and delivers solutions for rural India.

Few medals at the Olympics by a country of 1.4 billion is not enough, we must train rural youth to become big game changers through sports. Words of wisdom and foresight, spoken by R Venkataram, member Advisory board TRIF, former managing trustee Tata Trusts at the India Rural Colloquy

Words of wisdom, and foresight this concern for the aged the population of rural India comes from Dr Sanjiv Phansalkar, chair, TRIF, fmr program director, Tata Trusts. He was one of the three panelists at India Rural Colloquy, the one-week long Zoom sessions which started off on Sunday evening.

It certainly could not have been put together more coherently and more emphatically. Unaccounted, invisible women can never be part of any government policies. In order that India’s gender equality graph grows it is important that women are “Counted In”.

“Women must assert themselves, reclaim their spaces from men keeping in mind that those enjoying power for so long will not give in easily,” said Prof Sanjay Srivastava, Professor of Sociology, Institute of Economic growth. The lone male speaker in the group, he hit the nail on the head when he said that gender must be looked like a relationship.
“The Indian youth obsession with their focus on procuring only government jobs for livelihood is highly destructive for their growth. We must discourage this mindset in our youth that aspires ‘only’ for government jobs as such jobs are few and when a Youngman fails to get one he loses all confidence and self labels himself a failure.

Dilli Haat sees a vibrant cultural renaissance

Organised by Village Square, the initiative strives to tell meaningful stories from rural India, this concert is one of the highlights of a transformative eight-day event in the city – India Rural Colloquy – A Rural Renaissance – being held in Delhi by the NGO Transform Rural India’s (TRI).

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Dilli Haat sees a vibrant cultural renaissance

 With soulful and stirring performances by two bands from India’s heartlands; ‘Naya Savera’ from Udaipur Central Jail, and ‘Dashugs’ from Leh, a lively ‘Rural Renaissance Concert’ took place at Dilli Haat, New Delhi on the eve of August 5.

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Ms. Suneeta Dhar, Independent Gender Advisor, former CEO Jagori, used her vast experience in the development sector to illustrate measures that can help upscale gender equality initiatives in India. She was speaking on the topic of Gender Equality and Justice on the second day of the one week long (Aug 1 to Aug 8) of the India Rural Colloquy