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Decoding Union Budget 2023 From a Rural Lens

The Hon. FM in her budget speech of 2023 laid out the vision for the ‘Amrit Kaal’-the period between 75th to 100th year of India’s Independence

Creating the resilience to dream

What will it take for the next generation of Indians to have the same set of opportunities as the privileged urban-born in our country?


Are livelihoods nonprofits losing their relevance?

With young India’s needs being better served by the market today, nonprofits run the risk of being crowded out by social businesses.

What can we learn from Jharkhand’s COVID-19 response?

Jharkhand has taken additional COVID-19 response protocols to curb the surge. Here are some implementation challenges and suggestions on a way forward.

How can rural India prepare for a third wave

Experience from Jharkhand proves that synergic effort involving local administration, community collectives and civil society organizations can help villages face COVID-19 third wave

COVID-19 and rural India: Is no news good news?

With lack of requisite health infrastructure and testing facilities, besides testing hesitancy among villagers, there is no clear picture on the impact of the pandemic in rural India