Stories from the Field

From toil to triumph

Sachin Kumar Singh

Driven by the need to change her circumstances, Sumitra embarked on a commendable  journey to seek additional sources of income. Her bio-resource centre emerged as a catalyst for change, fostering healthier crops and paving the way towards adopting sustainable agricultural practices.


Sumitra Kujur worked hard for years with her husband, raising two children and hoping for a better future. However, they realized their modest income couldn’t provide quality education for their kids, despite their hard efforts.

Determined to change her family’s fate, she embarked on a journey to seek additional income, a journey that would alter the course of her life and those around her.

Sumitra’s skills and strong ambitions set her apart. Transform Rural India (TRI), a solution design practice for regenerative development, identified her as a promising entrepreneur. After intensive training in agri-entrepreneurship, Sumitra gained confidence for building sustainable business ventures. With TRI’s support, she sourced materials at a good price to start her own bio-resource center.


At the heart of her center were two remarkable organic products – Ramban, a potent organic fertilizer that shielded crops from pests and insects, and Bahubali, a nourishing organic supplement that stimulated crop growth. 

The efficacy of these organic alternatives soon captured the attention of local farmers, who began to steer away from chemical-based solutions. Sumitra’s bio-resource center emerged as a ray of hope, nurturing healthier crops, bolstering yields, and minimizing environmental harm.

With her newfound enterprise, Sumitra’s family income doubled from Rs 4,000 to 8,000 per month, bringing a newfound stability in her life. This afforded Sumitra the means to elevate her family’s quality of life, meeting their needs with greater ease and comfort.


Sumitra Kujur’s journey epitomizes the transformative force of sustainable entrepreneurship. Armed with determination and unwavering support from TRI, she not only uplifted her family’s financial standing but also served as a catalyst for the community to shift towards sustainable farming practices. Her steadfast commitment to sustainability inspired other farmers to embrace organic solutions, paving the way for more environmentally conscious farming methods.

Her story stands as a testament to the boundless potential of rural entrepreneurs to drive positive change within their communities through adoption of sustainable business models. Sumitra’s story serves as a rallying cry for empowerment, resilience, and imbibing the spirit of innovation among other potential entrepreneurs.


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