National Youth Day: Meet four young women leaders spearheading change and empowering lives

by MK Online Desk

New Delhi, Jan 12 : National Youth Day serves as a poignant reminder of the power of youth activism and the significance of young people committed to making a difference and shaping our future.  We spotlight four remarkable women leaders who, through their commitment to positive change, and relentless dedication are inspiring and empowering others. 

Prachi Mishra, a 22-year-old Nguvu Change Leader from Odisha, India, leads the #FreeBusForWomen online campaign, aiming to empower women from lower economic backgrounds. She resolutely works to facilitate universal access to fundamental mobility, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Prachi believes that while the government has attempted to make education and healthcare more affordable, they remain inaccessible to many girls and women due to financial constraints and restricted means of commuting. The lack of mobility traps them in a vicious cycle of poverty, making it difficult for them to break free. In her online petition, she has urged Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha, and Tukuni Sahu, Minister of the Commerce and Transport Department, to provide free passes for women in government buses and to expand government bus services to more districts. Currently, the services cover only four cities, and Prachi firmly believes that her campaign will help ensure equitable access to mobility. 

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