Local Governance

Strengthening Local Democracy for
Multi-Dimensional Change

Local democracy is built on the foundation of the triad of communities (CBOs), local government institutions (Gram Panchayats) and the administration (Government). This triangulation of demand, delivery and supply requires awareness among communities, customised service delivery by the Government and accountable supply management by the Gram Panchayats.

This enabling ecosystem works when​


The CBOs promoted by state and non-governmental organisations engage actively in social and financial inclusion, livelihood activities and various other aspects of village development.


The Panchayat Raj, especially the Gram Panchayat, engage with these CBOs in planning, strategizing, sharing responsibilities and implementing different developmental and regulatory interventions.


Strengthen routine Community Led Federations and Village Organisation processes for anchoring multi-dimensional change​


Strengthen Gram Sabhas and relevant multi-dimensional panchayat level meetings like School Management Committee meetings, village health, sanitation, nutrition meetings, etc.​


Increase CBO participation in village development planning​


Augment infrastructure, services, entitlements and livelihood opportunities in villages​


Leading to overall prosperity​

Stories from the field

Vashni is a part of a self-help group in her village in Madhya Pradesh. As part of a government program to encourage livelihoods, TRI was able to help her get black hens, which are of high value in the poultry industry. Demand for the local black breed, Kadaknath, has surged in recent years as it’s valued for its low-fat, high protein content as well as its medicinal properties.

Vashni Dalia Bamaniya, Sutrati village

Rural development needs a multi-disciplinary approach that addresses the critical dimensions of life.