What is the COP28 conference and how will it impact women?

Meg Walters

The annual COP conference is almost upon us. This year, COP28 will be taking place in the UAE’s Dubai.

After 2021’s conference in Glasgow and last year’s conference in Egypt saw world leaders promising to take drastic steps towards battling climate change, what can we expect from this year’s event? What are the targets we should expect to see being set? And how will the discussions about the changing climate affect women around the world?

What is COP28?

Officially known as the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, COP is an annual gathering in which world leaders, along with government representatives, negotiators, businesses and citizens discuss their plans to take action against climate change. COP, which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’, dates back to 1995, when the UN launched the conference in Berlin.

This year’s conference will take place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

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