Ensuring Food & Nutrition Security: Water-smart Ragi farming in Jharkhand transforming agri-food system

Md. Karimuddin Malik & Ramesh Kumar

Around 40 women are sitting in a sprawling metal sheeted hall, wearing disposable hair cover and gloves preparing Ragi ladoo diligently in the Gumla Ragi Processing Centre. Large coolers are trying to keep the heat under control as there is scorching heat with temperatures soaring to 40 C. The Ragi center is run by 5,000 women-led MVM Bhaghima-Palkot Farmer Producer Company (FPO). Kumari Baruwa, the Secretary of the FPO Board, shared that they are preparing ladoos to deliver Hans Foundation, an order of Rs 24 lakh. Deputy Commissioner Karn Satyarthi, on one of his visits to the centre, asked if they were to cultivate Ragi in the upcoming June cycle. A unanimous voice responded, yes, we would.

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